Building the Campus
Building the Campus

They are the people who are building all of the Campus’ buildings. We chat to the Fayat Bâtiment and Eiffage Construction groups.

Charles Chevallet is Major Project Manager at Fayat Bâtiment Île-de-France and Simon Fonvielle is Major Project Manager at Eiffage Construction Tertiaire.

How did you come to be involved in the Paris Saint-Germain Campus project?

Charles Chevallet: Given the lightning-fast development of Fayat Bâtiment Île-de-France, the fact that a client as prestigious as Paris Saint-Germain put their trust in us was a good sign. It is recognition of the operational legitimacy of our team which, in its own way, regularly plays in the Champions League…

Simon Fonvielle: Being contacted by a client like Paris Saint-Germain is quite unusual in our line of work, and being part of Paris Saint-Germain’s history is a great source of motivation for all of our staff. Our company is extremely proud to be involved in building the training centre for a major team on the world football scene.  

On which areas of the Paris Saint-Germain Campus are your companies working?

Charles Chevallet: We are building the living quarters for the professional team and its team of staff. It is made up of several different areas: performance area, bedrooms, balneotherapy area, media rooms, relaxation rooms, dining areas, etc. We are also in charge of all the buildings for the centre’s maintenance, logistical and technical staff, which includes a boiler room that will be the nerve centre for the whole site. This is the first time such equipment has been fitted on this scale!

Simon Fonvielle: We are in charge of building the Youth Academy and Pre-Training quarters in the heart of the Campus, made up of the Education and Training buildings and a residential building for the centre’s young players. We are also building the Paris Saint-Germain Association building, which includes a multi-sports ground and two stands, as well as the Club House, the future centre’s main building.

In what ways is the construction of the Paris Saint-Germain Campus a challenge?

Charles Chevallet: For a club of Paris Saint-Germain’s calibre, all of the services have to be five-star. This requires stringency from our team at all times, while adapting to any changes that might be made over the course of the project.  

Simon Fonvielle: The building site is very spread out, over a 56-hectare plot of land. It includes 11 buildings, all with very different schedules, and must be finished within a highly ambitious deadline.

Have you got any “site stories” to share with us?

Simon Fonvielle: We are extremely proud to work with such a prestigious client as Paris Saint-Germain, even though we’re from the south of France. We’re often asked if we’ve met any players: unfortunately, we haven’t, but we’re still hopeful!

Charles Chevallet: We’re always on the lookout for players on site, but so far the surprises have all come from the Marly forest… Some wild boar have been spotted on the edge of the site, but thankfully they were on the other side of the fence!