“A unique opportunity to innovate on all the performance aspects.”
“A unique opportunity to innovate on all the performance aspects.”

Interview with Martin Buchheit, Paris Saint-Germain performance manager


The Paris Saint-Germain Training Center is an advanced tool aimed at supporting the club’s objectives and is completely designed to help develop the performance of its athletes. A performance which goes beyond just sports and physical criteria. Martin Buchheit, Performance Manager, explains the approach developed by the club for its future Training Center.


What is the accurate meaning of  “performance”?

The player’s performance includes a set of parameters that go beyond those used on the pitch. Nutrition, sleep quality, work environment, medical follow-up, recovery or even personalised training sessions all represent essential data to reveal each athlete’s potential and help them reach their top level.


What is your role at the club?

With my team, I manage and check all those parameters on a daily basis, with a scientific approach. I am involved across various club departments in order to stimulate the global performance of the pros. Alongside the coaches, the medical staff, the restaurant chef but above all the players, I observe the habits, analyze statistical data, try different methods and techniques, and give advice thanks to advanced tools.


How is the new Training Center a major asset to develop the performance of Paris Saint-Germain?

The Training Center offers the club the space needed to keep up with its evolution and to respond to the needs of the players and staff.

Each aspect of performance is covered down to the smallest details.

Beyond the new infrastructure and equipment dedicated to the physical preparation, the space’s organization and the mobility optimization are key points of the Training Center. Individual rooms are also a tremendous asset for the players who will benefit from ideal conditions in terms of preparation and recovery, the days before the matches or during the training sessions.

The collective dimension will also be reinforced. Huge spaces will make collective preparation easier. The proximity between professional and young talents will allow the growth of new interaction and training methods.


The Training Center is a thrilling project for the whole Paris Saint-Germain family. It is a unique opportunity to innovate in every aspect of performance.