Consulting and involving the local community

From the outset, the success of the Paris Saint-Germain Training Center project was intrinsically linked to the Club’s dialogue with the local authorities and inhabitants. Constructive discussion and collective efforts were undertaken with the local authorities as soon as the site of Poncy in Poissy was chosen, then with the local population. This dialogue is ongoing, with the aim of prolonging and strengthening the partnerships forged.  

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The public consultation process, held from 27 June to 27 September 2017, helped to open a wider dialogue, fine-tune the project and adapt certain elements to benefit the region and its inhabitants. This partnership-based approach will naturally continue via synergies developed to ensure the proper integration of the Paris Saint-Germain Training Center.


By choosing to build its new Training Center in Poissy, in the Yvelines, Paris Saint-Germain hopes to help drive the region forward and maximise the Center’s positive impact on the area by creating jobs, rallying the community and supporting local initiatives. In concrete terms, partnerships will be formed to facilitate local recruitment. A network of local craftsmen and producers will be used to oversee the vegetable garden, plant trees, and supply the Center with fresh produce, for example. The Club is willing to consider any other initiatives that might tie in with the project.

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Pierre Bédier

The creation of the Paris Saint-Germain Training Center is a unique opportunity to strengthen the historic bonds that link the Club with its origins in the Yvelines. For the department’s youngsters, it is a source of motivation and inspiration.

Pierre Bédier
President of Yvelines Departmental Council
Karl Olive

With the creation of more than 1,000 jobs in the construction and operations phase, the Paris Saint-Germain Training Center will bring a positive and long-lasting dynamic to the city of Poissy.

Karl Olive
Mayor of Poissy, Vice-President of the Greater Paris Seine and Oise Urban Community, Vice-President of Yvelines Departmental Council
Michel Gaillard

A preliminary consultation was carried out within the framework of the project, and I wanted it to be as open as possible. I became involved because the project needed someone neutral, who would organise meetings between the Club and the local area and constantly seek constructive dialogue. We combined all the ingredients to make this consultation a success for everyone, ending in a project understood by all involved, enriched with local contributions, and which creates a bond with the local area. 

Michel Gaillard
Consultation guarantor
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