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Overlooking the entire site, the plateau reserved for Paris Saint-Germain’s professional footballers will offer ideal training conditions. Here, everything is geared towards enhancing and stimulating the first team’s performances, day after day.

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Slotted into a haven of greenery, the professional footballers’ building is located on the highest level of the site: its rooftop terrace provides a 360° view of the Paris Saint-Germain Training Center. For young academy players training on the lower plateau, this positioning symbolises the path before them and their ambition, as they aim towards the summit. Architecturally speaking, the building’s increasingly protruding series of overhangs represents commitment, performance and excellence.

46 bedrooms

for players to rest the night before matches or recover after training

10,000 m2

set aside for professionals


The professionals’ plateau will feature three connected training pitches, a training area for goalkeepers and a covered stand with a capacity of approximately 500. Inside, the area exclusively reserved for professional players and staff will also include changing rooms, a communal living room, a “Performance” area with high-tech fitness rooms, a video analysis room, therapeutic pools, a medical treatment room (respecting the players’ confidentiality), a dining area and individual bedrooms.


The aesthetics are inseparable from the usability and operation of the plateau dedicated to the first team. From the enhanced layout to an optimisation of the distance covered when walking from A to B, no stone has been left unturned in an effort to meet the needs of professionals and staff. With better facilities, the development of new technology, and the use of unprecedented training methods, the surface area allocated to the professionals also represents an opportunity to develop the R&D side of the Club, equipping it in a lasting way so that it can continually innovate.

10,000 m2

set aside for professionals

Edinson Cavani

The Paris Saint-Germain Training Center meets the highest demands of elite athletes. It will support the Club and all its players as they strive for performance, while providing an exceptional living environment.

Edinson Cavani
Forward, Paris Saint-Germain (football division)
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