Performance and excellence

The first ever 100% Paris Saint-Germain infrastructure, the Paris Saint-Germain Training Center is designed to become a reference model with regards to performance and excellence in all fields. A high-tech tool for making the Club’s ambitions a reality, the Paris Saint-Germain Training Center is set to become a major destination for young talents and champions from all over the world.

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Like artists or fashion designers with their ateliers or workshops, the Paris Saint-Germain Training Center will advocate excellence and know-how in order to shape – day in, day out, down to the very last detail – the Paris Saint-Germain style of play. It will provide athletes with the optimum training conditions to reach the highest level in football, handball and judo, and turn Paris Saint-Germain into one of the world’s greatest multisport clubs.


To give the athletes the best possible chance to thrive and succeed, the Paris Saint-Germain Training Center will provide comprehensive guidance: sport, recovery, health, nutrition, wellbeing. All aspects will be handled with diligence and will call upon the finest expertise. Particular attention will be paid to the youngsters in the Youth Academy, for whom education and sports training will go hand in hand.


The vast areas in the new Paris Saint-Germain Training Center will be a major lever for the Club’s R&D. With new equipment for physical training and testing, the development of new technologies, and easier interaction between the different components, the Paris Saint-Germain Training Center will enable the Club to innovate in all aspects of performance.


With the establishment of the Training Center in Poissy, a new Paris Saint-Germain ecosystem is taking shape. Connected to the refurbished Parc des Princes and the Ooredoo Centre, which will be home to the high-flying women’s football team, the Paris Saint-Germain Training Center will complement and strengthen the Club’s infrastructure in the Paris Region, thereby equipping it for the long-term as it strives to attain its objectives.

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Antero Henrique

The space, the facilities and the high-tech technologies in the Paris Saint-Germain Training Center will fulfil all the players’ needs and will support the strategies developed.

Antero Henrique
Sports Manager at Paris Saint-Germain
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