Converting a 74-hectare site into an innovative training centre that respects the unique Coteaux de Seine landscape was a true challenge that required a multitude of skills.

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On a site of this size, an archaeological diagnosis is required before any building work can begin. Carried out in 2018, across 50 hectares, this led to a series of digs in 2019, on around 9 hectares on land. The discovery and analysis of objects, tools and building remains showed that the site was occupied by the Neanderthals (300,000 to 40,000 years ago) and during the Antiquity (1st to 3rd century AD).

6 cranes

at work

800 000 m3

of soil moved


After the archaeological phase, this extraordinary project was brought to life by a variety of complementary specialists.

The landscaping phase shaped the contours of the future centre and gave a glimpse of its size. At the height of this important stage, 30 machines were working at the same time to shape the centre’s three plateaux, on which the buildings and pitches would be built.

On 30 hectares of land, the Neveux & Rouyer agency landscaped the different areas of the site (orchards, vegetable garden, gardens, meadows and woodlands) and unveiled its natural assets.

For the construction of the buildings, a variety of skilled workers have been called upon to take care of the foundations, structural works, finishing works, façades, interior, etc., ensuring faultless technical and logistical correlation with the logistics centre, which supplies the whole site with energy.

The expert eye and stringency of the Club’s internal experts came in very useful when creating the pitches.

Once the future centre opens, in phases, it will be down to the operations department to turn this exceptional site into a lively hub that promotes high performance.

800 000 m3

of soil moved

Charles Hage

My role is to ensure that all of the facilities on site are working properly, from the logistics centre to the different buildings and pitches. This includes energy production, video surveillance, the IT network, fire safety, balneotherapy, audio-visual media, the technical management of the buildings, etc. It is a huge challenge to link all of these elements up. More than the technical aspect, what I love most is the interdepartmental aspect, so many different professions working together, with human beings at the very centre of the equation.

Charles Hage
Project manager, Paris Saint-Germain Property Department
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